Clinical Sciences Program

The Clinical Sciences & Rotations program at American University School of Medicine Aruba (AUSOMA) was designed to help you become licensed to practice medicine. Learn the art of patient care in the beautiful Caribbean Islands.

The Clinical Sciences & Rotations portion of our MD program prepares you for dealing directly with patients in real world environments. Our Clinical Director works directly with students to help them with rotations and clinical placement.

Students eligible for clinical rotations have clinical sites available to them in Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, Baltimore MD, Houston TX and Phoenix AZ. In our 5th Year program, we also a tutor and assist students with passing the USMLE exams. We help you meet Caribbean medical school requirements for becoming a doctor in the US, UK, Middle East, your home country, and more!




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Clinical Sciences Program Requirements

In order to enroll in AUSOMA’s clinical sciences program, all students must complete the Basic Sciences program and pass the USMLE Step 1


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Atlanta GA, Houston & Austin TX, Phoenix AZ, Las Vegas NV, Chicago IL, Orlando FL, Baltimore MD


$9,000 per 12 week rotation (6 terms)

6 terms, 12 week rotation


US Placement for Clinical Rotations


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AUSOMA Clinical Sciences & Rotations Program Curriculum​

Core Clinical Rotations

  • CC1012 Internal medicine
  • CC1006 Pediatrics
  • CC3006 Psychiatry
  • CC2012 General Surgery
  • CC2006 OBGYN
  • CC4006 Family Medicine

Clinical Sciences Electives

  • CE1004 Anesthesiology
  • CE3004 Dermatology
  • CE5004 Gastroenterology
  • CE7004 Immunology
  • CE9004 Nephrology
  • CE1204 Oncology
  • CE1404 Rheumatology
  • CE2004 Cardiology
  • CE4004 Emergency Medicine
  • CE6004 Hematology
  • CE8004 Infectious Disease
  • CE1104 Neurology
  • CE1304 Pulmonary

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