Student Housing

Enjoy Your Stay in Aruba

We offer student housing options to make your attendance at AUSOMA easier and more comfortable. Apartments and flats are available around the island, but it is recommended to stay close to the campus if you do not plan to have transportation.

  • Furnished studio apartments – 2-bedroom shared apartment​s
  • Rent prices range from $500/month – $1200/month ​
  • Some utilities included ​
  • Electricity is not included

​You may contact our Housing Coordinator, Ms. Zobaida Baroud, at or Assistant Registrar, Dr. Baily Cua-Apacible, at for further information.

  • Studio | 1 BR/1BA | 2BR 
  • All furnished apartments/studios 
  • Some have laundry rooms and some don’t – laundry facilities within walking distance of campus.
  • Rent prices range from $515/month – $1600/month 
  • Included Utilites: water, internet, garbage, septic
  • Excluded Utilities: electricity, water, gas
  • Pay 1 month deposit & first month’s rent to reserve


  • Downtown Aruba 
  • Shaba 
  • Sasaki
  • Bubali
  • Seroe Blanco
  • Morgenster 
  • Paadera 
  • Solito 
  • Rooi Santo


  • Container Shipping Car – Student Rate
  • In the student’s name for 3-5 years
  • Driver’s License: They can come with their current license but will have to change it to Aruban license
    and no driving test is needed.

Car: They can buy a car in Aruba, and Ms. Baroud can help them.

Shuttle: Picking up student’s who live from the old campus and taking them to the new campus.

Monday – Friday (9am and 3:30pm)

Student Residency Permit

  • Only for US/Canadian citizens
  • Non US Citizen – She will send a list of countries that need a visa to get into Aruba
    • They need to send her everything before they come to Aruba
    • They need to have the temp residency permit first
    • Student will then send the temp residency permit to the Dutch Embassy at their home

      country to get the Student Visa.

  • All students will get a temporary student permit at first

  • US/Canadian Citizens – 2 weeks – 1.5 months

  • Non-US/Canadian Citizen – temporary student permit is sent to home country for the permanent residency card

  • Schengen Visa

Health Information

  • Students have to do a health check to get the student residency permit – good for one year
  • Students will get a health insurance card from the Aruban government – Aruban Health Card
    FREE of charge
  • Medical Test paid by the student: approx. $168 USD
    • Blood exam
    • Chest X-Ray
    • Physical Exam
  • Students need to show medical insurance from their home country for the Student Visa Permit –
    because it takes 4-5 weeks to get the permit approved.

Grocery Store – right across the new campus

Laundry and Dry Cleaners

  • Laundry Mat and Dry Cleaners across from Ling & Sons

Fitness Center