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Medical School For Everyone. Choose AUSOMA.

Our program offers plenty of options. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in a pre-med concentrated degree then you can enroll in the 4 year program straight away. If not, enroll in our pre-med program for 16 months then graduate to the 4-year program. No MCAT required!

4 Year MD Program

Our 4-year program gathers four years of medical education into 42 months of training and board review time – complete with semester breaks that don’t cut into your required graduation hours. The 4-year program consists of 20 months of basic science courses and 18 months of clinical opportunities, and after you complete USMLE step 1, you are eligible for clinical rotations at an affiliated hospital in the United States. Our curriculum is flexible and can accommodate all types of professional growth, including research, advanced degrees, and special clinical rotation tracks.

5 Year PreMed MD Program

Our 5-year program includes six traditional college semesters packed into four accelerated semesters of pre-medical studies. If you have the right scholastic achievements from high school, you can be accepted into this program and be on track to enter residency and graduate to practice medicine by the age of 26. This program saves time by allowing you to secure your position as a medical student without having to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree beforehand. After you complete and graduate from our 5-year program, you are qualified for medical licensure.

Earn Your MD In Paradise

Accepting Transfer

Accept transfer students from accredit medical school.

Clinical Rotation
Sites in the US

Two years in Aruba and 2 years in the US


We pride ourselves in offering affordable tuition and housing.

Our Easy Application Process

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Complete our online application.

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Submit all necessary documents.

Step 3

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Affordable, Quality Education in Paradise

We do not just look at your GPA, and MCAT score but also your research and clinical experience, volunteer ship, and overall dedication to becoming a successful MD.

Student Life at AUSOMA

At AUSOMA, we believe a student’s well-being is as important as their academic success. Here at our campus, we are dedicated to providing a welcoming and engaging student experience.

We want you to feel at home while you experience living in “paradise”. One of the unique aspects of the student life experience is our small class sizes; which give students a more personalized experience with faculty and their peers. Our faculty strive every day to focus on a student’s academic journey and serve as advisors to our students. Here at AUSOMA, we want you to enjoy your time and cherish the experience as you work towards your dreams of becoming a doctor.

Additionally, there are opportunities to engage in student organizations and become involved in leadership roles that will enhance your student experience as well as prepare you for the life of a physician.

Why Aruba? Campus Life

Aruba is the perfect place to study and relax. With its 82-degree days and white-sand beaches, you won’t find a more beautiful campus than the one we have at AUSOMA. It’s also home to some of the friendliest people in the world, which is why it’s nicknamed, “One Happy Island.”

At AUSOMA, you’ll have access to cuisine from your home country, easy and safe housing options, and a brand new campus. We offer leading technology and modern classrooms with laboratory facilities, and our island is quiet, safe, and gorgeous.

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