5 Year Pre-Med MD Program


The 5-year pre-med MD program is a rewarding program for those who are certain they would like to pursue a career in medicine. High school graduates with scholastic achievements who are accepted into this program can enter residency, graduate, and begin to practice medicine by the age of 26.

In fact, graduates of the 5-year pre-med MD program accelerate their position as medical students and avoid years in school pursuing both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. In addition, once completed, the pre-med courses will allow graduates to become qualified candidates for medical licensure.

This unique program begins with 4 accelerated semesters of pre-medical courses, which are then followed by the 4-year MD curriculum. For applicants who have completed any prior college/university level courses transfer credits may be awarded. An admission specialist can provide further information.

Pre-Med Courses

Basic Sciences

The 19 months of basic sciences are distributed across 5 semesters and include 11 organ systems (11 courses). The 5 semesters include a medical ethics course module, 4-course modules of clinical skills training, 4-course modules of preventive medicine, combined with a clinical board series. The clinical board series will utilize patient and physician educators to maximize the experience for each student. Each semester runs for 15 weeks. The details are presented below:

Clinical Sciences

The program’s clinical sciences and rotation portion will prepare students to work directly with patients in a real-world environment. The staff at AUSOMA will work directly with students to prepare them to take full advantage of clinical rotations and will assist with the preparation for placement in residency. The clinical sciences are divided into 12 weeks semesters covering 72 weeks of clinical rotations in 6 semesters.  

Students are guaranteed clinical rotations upon successful passing of USMLE Step 1 at our affiliated hospitals throughout the US. Please refer to the clinical sites page on our website for our current affiliated sites, as we are always looking to sign new hospital affiliation agreements.

Additionally, our curriculum provides sufficient flexibility for students to engage in extensive research, pursue advanced degrees, participate in special clinical rotation tracks, and explore other avenues of professional growth.