Fall 2022 Semester: MD1-4 will be on campus. Pre-Med and MD5 classes will be online only.

Online Counseling

Online counseling is now available for all AUSOMA students

Stress management and related problems

headshot of Carolina Pieters-Janner, MS Clinical and Health Psychologist/Director

Ms. Carolina Pieters-Janer, MS
Clinical and Health Psychologist/Director

Ms. Carolina Pieters-Janer, MS, Clinical and Health Psychologist/Director will function as an Independent Online counselor for AUSOMA’s students starting September 1, 2021.

An “Independent counselor” means that the Counsellor is an independent entity not involved in exam assessment and promotion of AUSOMA students. The Independent Counsellor can be approached directly and in confidentiality by students for stress management and related problems, without the knowledge of their teachers or student-peers

Independent counseling and confidentiality

  1. Students who seek counseling services from Ms. Carolina Pieters-Janer will directly approach her and pay for their sessions at a discounted rate of AFL 100/hour.
  2. Officially the counseling services will be online but if a student requests a face-to-face session and if Ms. Carolina Pieters-Janer feels there is a need, she will have the student over at her clinic.
  3. Ms. Carolina Pieters-Janer will provide only psychological counseling to AUSOMA students who approach her. Any other medical consultation is not under her purview. However, she can refer a student to another doctor if she feels that the student needs medical attention.
  4. Ms. Carolina Pieters-Janer will confirm for her records that an individual is an AUSOMA student by checking his/her school ID. In the event of lack of clarity and if she feels it right, Ms. Carolina can confirm with Dr. Tiara Calvo Leon, Associate Dean, Student Affairs if such and such is an AUSOMA student.
  5. Ms. Carolina Pieters-Janer will not divulge any details of any student consulting her, to anyone at AUSOMA EXCEPT in a situation where she feels that a student’s wellness is at threat, or the counseling service has a legal bearing. In such cases, she will take Dr. Tiara Calvo Leon, Associate Dean, Student Affairs as the one-point contact of AUSOMA. The one-point contact of AUSOMA will be required to maintain strict confidentiality in such events, about the Counsellor-consultation status, Counsellor-advice status, and Counsellor-action status of the concerned student.

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