Why go to an International Medical School

When it’s time to choose a medical school, future students need to make educated choices about their options when considering grades, funding, test scores, and more. For these students, they don’t realize that their options aren’t limited to the United States. In fact, there are many great medical school options abroad that will provide a top-notch education while opening up students more culturally.

About the Doctors Who Studied Internationally

In 2020, one-quarter of physicians in the U.S. had graduated from international medical schools. That means that not only have citizens within the U.S. taken advantage of the opportunities that an overseas school can provide, but they are learning just as much as their peers and are a critical part of the medical workforce.

Their critical role is reinforced in a recent study with BMJ, where it was found that compared to U.S. medical school graduates, the patients treated by international graduates had lower mortality rates. International graduates were also found to have been exposed to more chronic conditions in their patients, which means that they had been able to develop a broader list of specializations for their professional resumes.

Why go to an International Medical School? 

Why go to an International Medical School

Often offer lower pricing for the same quality of education

Tuition for international medical schools is generally cheaper than their domestic counterparts, even though the students within both cadres are learning the same amount of medical knowledge and concepts. In America, potential students can choose from public or private medical school choices, with the former being more affordable than the latter. Even then, the average cost of the tuition and fees of public medical school in America per year is around $37,611 for in-state students and $61,916 for out-of-state students. This also means that more prestigious private schools, especially those with bigger names, will cost more and be out of the question for many students that will have to be on a budget.

Because students can expect to pay a significantly lower overall cost for the same quality of education, going to an international school is a great choice for anyone with financial stressors. You’ll be able to pay what you can out of pocket and have better flexibility with student loan providers without adding extra worries on top of heavy class workloads and assignments.

Broader Entrance Requirements

Many international schools are known for having higher acceptance rates and broader entrance requirements compared to medical schools in the U.S. By having less restrictive requirements, medical school has become a realistic option for students that are the perfect fit for the healthcare field but didn’t have the grades and test scores to show it.

International schools understand that not every student fits the strict, “successful” medical school student mold that other institutions have established. Because of their differing requirements, excellent leaders and physicians have graduated from international schools and have been able to greatly contribute to the medical field. 

U.S. Clinical Rotation Opportunities

Many international medical schools offer the opportunity for you to get the same clinical exposure and experiences as your domestically based peers with rotation options in the U.S. This means that your school is still your home base, but you’ll be able to travel to designated sites within the U.S. set by your school to get real-life medical experiences.

Rotation locations all depend on the school you’re attending. For AUSOMA students, they’ll be able to complete their medical rotations in different places including Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, and more.

Views into International Medicine and Issues as Well as Domestic Ones

One of the best parts of going to an international medical school is exposing yourself to a foreign environment that you can learn from. While many methods in medical school are considered universal, students forget that pathologies and patient conditions vary from place to place. That means that the education you receive from an international school will generally be broader and will make you an asset in healthcare organizations amongst doctors that can only work within their few specializations.

Besides medical work, by attending an international school, you’ll also be able to learn from different political figures, country rules, and much more. If you keep an open perspective about what makes the country function, you’ll be able to thrive in the new environment easily! 

What Can AUSOMA do for You?

AUSOMA prides itself on its affordability to help students achieve their dreams of becoming doctors. As a key player within the Caribbean school arena, AUSOMA has been able to develop competitive leaders within the medical field that are sharp and compassionate to the ever-changing healthcare environment.

AUSOMA makes it easy for students to avoid significant student loan debt while getting a thorough and diverse education. A degree costs about $88,000, which breaks down to only $22,000 yearly. With opportunities to get scholarships, loans, and a payment plan, students will find that AUSOMA will work with them because providing the best education possible is always the first priority.