Tuition & Fees

At AUSOMA, all tuition and fees will be paid to the U.S. Office of Admissions. These fees will vary by your chosen program (e.g., pre-med, basic medical sciences, etc.).

Students must satisfy their balance or have a payment plan setup ($250 fee) before the first day of classes. All students who have not made arrangements will have their acceptance retracted. Students who are over one week past due on balances will be dropped.




Basic Medical Sciences (MD1-MD4): $6500/semester

Clinical Medical Sciences

No payment plan allowed




Financial Aid

AUSOMA will offer financial aid to students who have an overall GPA of 3.6. Financial aid includes academic scholarships, loan providers, and payment plans.


Academic scholarships are available to students who meet AUSOMA criteria.

Loan Providers

AUSOMA uses Meritize, an education lender, to financially aid students.

Payment Plans

Monthly payment plans are also offered by AUSOMA to students.


Although the application fee and the registration fee are both nonrefundable, AUSOMA does offer its students tuition refunds, though amounts may vary.