Is shadowing a doctor important?

Yes, Shadowing a doctor is important if you want to pursue your career in medicine. Shadowing a doctor can be a great opportunity. Students can ask questions to a medical professional about medicine and how they manage to be here and to get tips and tricks to get there. It is a great exposure to enhance your knowledge and practical learning. It can give one a realistic view of the healthcare system. Shadowing is the act of following a doctor while they see patients. During the majority of the time, you’re a silent observer. Students do not take part in patient care.

Understanding the Purpose of Shadowing

Is it necessary to shadow a doctor? There are two sides to this question. Medical school admissions helps you to confidant enough that you know what are doing and what your purpose

Medicine is such a coveted profession. Admissions committees need to be extremely stringent with just who they offer their limited seats to. On the flip side, shadowing is also beneficial for your own personal and professional development. Medicine can be a true commitment for students. While doing clinical shadowing students can see whether they have enough strength to fulfill this commitment or not.

Benefits of Shadowing for Applicants

  • Medical shadowing gives students a forward push in their applications to medical school. Physician shadowing is not only required by medical schools, but they most strongly advise applicants to obtain shadowing hours. It is really essential to gain insight into the med field before starting. 
  • By doing clinical shadowing the applicants can ensure that they are making the right choice.
  • Rushing into medical school without fully understanding what it’s like can lead to disappointment and a wastage of time and effort. After the investment of time and money, the idea of changing the career direction can lead to disappointment and frustration. That’s why it’s important to shadow healthcare professionals and get a real feel for what being a doctor involves before you fully commit. 
  • After shadowing a doctor, the reflection of what you learned, the challenges you witnessed, and the impact it had on you, can help to understand medicine deeply. This deepened understanding can shape your self and can help you through the interview during the med application process. 
  • By clinical shadowing, students can develop their personal skills. They can get a better understanding of working in a professional workspace, time management, and effective communication. The medical healthcare system emphasizes patient empathy. Students can also learn to showcase empathy and maintain professionalism. 

Overall medical shadowing is a great way of practical learning for students. It helps in the determination of a career path and gives overall benefits of self-development, learning, and observation, and even in the medical application process too. It is advised to students to spend enough time with healthcare professionals to understand what a career in medicine entails before making a final commitment. It is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to medicine.

Before you begin this great journey, you need to have a basic understanding of what being a doctor comes with. Besides, if you have a ton of other stuff going on, avoid shadowing. Do the necessary preparations so you can enjoy the experience and learn what it’s like to be a doctor in practice!