Ausoma Student Selected to Present At Clinical Congress 2022

Ghassan Jibwai

It is an honor for AUSOMA that our student Mr. Ghassan Jibawai is selected to present his abstract at the Clinical Congress 2022, which is going to be held in October. It is a major accomplishment for the AUSOMA faculty, management, and administration who made this possible by providing the best medical research facilities to its students.

Our third-year medical student Mr. Ghassan Jibawi did his 12 weeks of surgery core rotation with Dr. Saju Joseph and his team in Las Vegas NV. During his surgery core rotation, he was asked to work on a research project with Dr. Joseph on different and new ways to suture wounds with fish skin. 

Mr. Jibawi has been invited by the chairman of the Scientific Forum Committee to come to San Diego California in October 2022 and present this abstract at the American College of Surgeons conference. Congratulations to Mr. Jibawi, Dr. Joseph, and his surgical team in Las Vegas NV.

We are also very thankful to Dr. Joseph for his leadership and for helping our students achieve higher education in medicine.

About the Event :-

San Diego will hold this year’s clinical congress from October 16-20. After a gap of two years, this congress will be a hybrid event. The last two events were virtual as there were no in-house visitors. This year it is going to be held online as well as in person. There are both registration options available including in-person or online registration. It is considered to be one of the most important surgical meetings of the year. 

Many medical schools try to present their students’ abstracts in clinical congress but only a few are selected. Out of many Caribbean Medical Schools in Aruba, AUSOMA was selected and this will motivate our current and future medical students to concentrate more on medical research because hard work always pays off.

The Clinical Medicine Program (CMP) of AUSOMA is designed to provide medical students to complete their rotations in US hospitals. Our clinical sites include ACGME approved hospitals which have many benefits for students. ACGME is a not for profit organization that sets standards for medical rotation programs and fellowship programs. If a medical student has done a rotation in an ACGME accredited institution then he/she will not face any problems related to medicine. 


AUSOMA aims to contribute more to the medical science field. We are already increasing our clinical sites so that our current students can be facilitated more. Many of our students are already doing their rotations in different hospitals including Piedmont Eastside Medical Center in Snellville, Loretto Hospital, Weiss Memorial Hospital and Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago, and Spring Valley Hospital in Las Vegas NV.