How do you introduce yourself when shadowing a doctor?

As we all know how important it is to shadow a doctor for medical school. Clinical shadowing will help you to understand what it is like to be a practicing doctor. You can get the opportunity to experience the daily routine of a professional doctor by shadowing a doctor. Gaining a first-hand insight into the medical industry can be achieved by shadowing a doctor. This involves shadowing a doctor as they work, usually in a clinical environment. 

When shadowing a doctor it’s really important to introduce yourself in a proper and respectful manner. A proper introduction sets the tone for your interaction and helps establish a positive relationship with the doctor and the healthcare team. Here are some guidelines on how to introduce yourself when shadowing a doctor:

Confident Approach: 

It is important to approach the doctor confidently. Don’t hesitate to make eye contact and don’t do too much blinking. While explaining yourself, be confident and calm and maintain eye contact when it’s necessary. Smile and display a positive body. 

Use proper titles to address: 

It’s essential to know the approach to address the person sitting in front of you. If it’s the doctor, you can address them with their last name or “Sir or Dr”. You can also use the first name but avoid it until and unless the doctor himself allows you to address him by his first name. 

Be clear with your purpose: 

Clearly state your name and the purpose of your presence. For example, you can say, “Good morning, Dr. Last Name. My name is [Your Name], and I am shadowing you today as part of my [program, school, or interest in the medical field].” This brief introduction provides the doctor with context and ensures transparency about your role.

Express Gratitude: 

Be humble and professional. If a doctor allows you to shadow him it’s causing him nothing, however, it’s helping you a lot in your future path so do not forget to express your gratitude. Always Convey your gratitude for the opportunity to shadow the doctor. Express your enthusiasm for learning from their expertise and observing their practice. You can say something like, “I’m really grateful for this chance to shadow you, and I’m excited to learn from your experience and observe your work.”

Example of how you can Introduce yourself: 

Good morning Dr [last name],

Thank you so much for giving these opportunities to me,

I am [your name] from [xyz college or program].

Coming to qualification:- I have completed my graduate from

[name of your school or college]I got [CGPA %] aggregate in [field] I have completed in [year]

Coming to my family:- We are [no. of members] including me. 

Coming to my hobby:- [are watching Movie, amazing things, reading the news,

playing football, listening to music, doing something creative activity, learning

new things etc.]

Coming to My strength:- my strength is [xyz].

Coming to my weakness:- [xyz]

Coming to my goal:- My Goal is I would like to become successful in my profession.

This is all about me.

Thank you.


Do not forget to maintain professionalism. It is important to leave an impact that you really want to learn and gain insight into the medical system. Concentration is also   

key. Listen to the doctor you are shadowing carefully, in that way, you will be able to answer their questions confidently. Do not hesitate or guess the answers. If you aren’t sure about any particular answer just tell them politely that you don’t have knowledge about this particular question or condition. 

Moreover, adapt your introduction according to the specific circumstances but do not forget to be humble and professional at the same time.