Discover the 3 Best Benefits of Having a Medical School Mentor

Have you heard any success stories about physicians who are innovators in their field? It’s easy to become inspired by their leadership and research achievements but one thing you didn’t notice is that many of them say they couldn’t have done as much with their careers if they didn’t have a great mentor paving the road for them throughout their time in medical school.


During your time in medical school, there is no such thing as getting too much help. You’ll want all the assistance you can get and one of the perfect ways to do this is by having a mentor. A medical school mentor is vital for your clinical experience because they’ll be able to provide growth and nurturing in areas that you may not have been able to handle completely on your own.

During your undergrad, you may have had some kind of mentorship, which could have included anything like another student tutoring you on creating better thesis statements, or your university counselor giving you career advice. Having a mentor during your medical school years is very similar, but the guidance they can provide to you will shape your future successes as a physician.


Besides assisting you with difficult school work and class maintenance, medical school mentors serve as your biggest supporters. They want to see you achieve your goals without making any of the same mistakes they did. They will also be there to encourage you to be honest with yourself and make a truthful assessment of your dedication, passion, and potential towards medicine.


It’s also important to note that while in medical school, your mentor will more than likely change as you progress. This means that you should start considering mentors that align with your interests and goals. For example, you might find that the test prep mentor that helped you during the first few years of medical school may not be able to give you any more useful advice because they are following a route to becoming a pediatric physician while you want to become an emergency room surgeon. This change is fine and is expected as you continue through your schooling!


Benefits of Having a Mentor During Medical School

Discover the 3 Best Benefits of Having a Medical School Mentor

They Encourage Collaboration

A major element of success in the medical field is being able to work with others. No matter how great a physician is, they won’t have all the answers, which means collaboration is necessary for a better patient experience.


Your mentor is not only a leader that you can turn to – they are also your equal because they have been through the same challenges you will be facing and may even have other questions themselves. You can find answers and solutions that will benefit either side with both of you working together. Having this type of collaboration early on will teach you to work better with your peers and handle conflicts when they do arise.

They Can Help You Network

Because your mentor will be at a different stage of their clinical career, they will have already developed connections that can assist you. Through these connections, you’ll be able to find future job opportunities, research options, or even get further validation that you’re perfect for the field you’re choosing.


Once you get a mentor, you’ll want to see if they take part in any other medical-related events that you can attend, or if they’re associated with local groups. Building these networking relationships early will only show your mentor that you’re serious about achieving your dreams and that you have the communication and leadership skills necessary to become a great physician.

They Can Help You Narrow Down Your Career Path

One of the best parts about having a mentor during medical school is that they can keep you grounded and clarify your career path. Many students know that they want to go to medical school to become a physician, but often don’t know which field they want to specify in, if they want to work domestically or internationally, etc. A mentor will be able to give you new perspectives on these areas so you can get a better idea of where you’re headed before you graduate.

How is AUSOMA Different?

Here at AUSOMA, we understand that your time spent at our university will be unique, which is why we’re dedicated to helping you out every step of the way with interactive curriculum material, intimate class sizes, and personal attention. We also know that mentorship comes in many forms, which is why you’ll be able to get the guidance you need through our excellent faculty members, staff, and even your peers. Each one of them will ensure that you only have the best experiences at AUSOMA.