See Why You Should Be Going To School In Paradise

See Why You Should Be Going To School In Paradise

When you attend school at AUSOMA, you’ll learn that we care about more than your academic success. While it’s important that you flourish in the classroom, it’s also necessary to love where you live, and to learn in an environment where you feel happy, comfortable, and safe.

Whether you attend our four-year or five-year program, Aruba will be your home during your time at AUSOMA, and we’re glad to welcome you into paradise. There’s no better place to be than on ‘One Happy Island’ when you earn your degree.

Choosing Aruba

Not only does Aruba have a climate average of about 82 degrees every day, it’s also home to some of the kindest, most welcoming people in the world. Since the island is about the size of Brooklyn, it’s known for its engaging sense of community and inclusive nature.

If you’re worried about feeling like a fish out of water, that’s something we definitely understand. But rest assured that you will have plenty of access to food from your home country and the ability to spend American currency. Most Aruban citizens speak English, so you will be able to understand those around you and be understood yourself.

There’s no place like Aruba, one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. The environment is quiet, safe, and accommodating – perfect for a medical student who’s ready to take the next step in advancing their career.

The Perks of Our Island

There are tons of benefits that come with going to school in Aruba. Here, we’ll list a few of the most alluring:
The People

The people who live on our island year-round are known for being friendly and amiable. As a student strolling around town, expect to hear cheerful voices wishing you ‘bon dia’ (good morning) and see smiles. There’s no reason to be wary of asking for directions or for help in Aruba – there’s always someone willing to lend a hand.

The citizens of Aruba are also very diverse. People come from all over and have varied ethnic backgrounds. Expect to find people of South American, Caribbean, Chinese, Filipino, African, European, and Indian descent. This means that the culture is tolerant and accepting of all skin colors, languages, and walks of life!
The Level of Safety

Safety is important for students, of course, but it should also put their parents at ease to know that Aruba is known for its safety. The local community is very accepting of visitors – both long-term and short-term – which means that the people are more hospitable than those on many other Caribbean islands.

As for natural disasters and safety, Aruba lies south of the hurricane belt. It’s very unlikely that our island ever falls victim to a hurricane.
The Drinking Water

When you visit unfamiliar places, you should always do research on the drinking water, as you never know if it’s safe to drink or not. Luckily, in Aruba, our tap water is amazing. Aruba doesn’t have natural freshwater sources, so drinking water is made by the process of desalinating seawater at the local water plant. Such a process creates very clean water, which is necessary for staying hydrated on super sunny days!
The Weather

Aruba has the highest number of sunny days on average out of any other island in the Caribbean. The weather is warm but comfortable, and you can expect pleasant trade winds to blow throughout the day, every day. The soft breeze takes away some of the heat’s impact, making the atmosphere feel just right.
The Beaches

While we know school is your main goal when you attend AUSOMA in Aruba, there’s no doubt that you’ll get to enjoy some downtime once in a while. If there’s a better place than an Aruban beach to soak up your time off, we don’t know of it.

With our beaches’ white sands and crystal blue waters, you can choose to lie down and soak up the sun, ride the waves, or take a dip.
The Culture

Art and heritage are important parts of Aruba’s history. In fact, Aruba is known for its local art. Visit events like Korteweg, the Cadushi Festival, and the Aruba Art Fair to get to know even more about the impact of art on the community and on the island in general.

The Infrastructure

Many people worry about how they’ll get around when they visit a new place, but such a concern isn’t relevant on our island. All the towns are accessible by car, and public transportation (buses and taxis) are also readily available for use.

Attending School in Paradise

Aruba is the perfect place to attend medical school because it provides a peaceful reprieve from the demands of the program. To learn more about AUSOMA and what it’s like to attend school on ‘One Happy Island,’ visit our website.