Medical School Costs Around the World

For students thinking about medical school, the cost can be overwhelming. Even if you are years away, it’s never too early to start thinking about student loans, living expenses, scholarships, and more. But just what are medical school costs around the world? Whether you are a medical student looking at American medical colleges or med school overseas, there is something for you. Read on to learn about American medical school costs, International med school costs, and Caribbean medical school costs.

Medical School Costs

So, you’re a student considering medical school but worried about the cost? We get it. Medical school can be costly and saddling for students with hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout their education. But just how expensive is medical school? Well, it’s more complicated. Different types of schools come with separate price tags. And costs include things like the application fee, health insurance, and living expenses.

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If you lump it all together, though, the price is steep, and depending on where the medical school is, the cost of attendance can be even more expensive. An American education is more expensive than an international one, even if the education itself is comparable. So, read below to find out just how different costly types of medical school can be.

We will look at three different categories of medical school; American, International, and Caribbean. Before we begin, it’s important to note that these are broad categories, and there is some variance within each. To get better medical school cost information, make sure you reach out to the individual school you are interested in directly.

American Medical Schools

Some of the most prestigious medical schools in the world are located in the United States. But those name brands come with a high price. If a student wants to attend an American medical school, they need to know that they’ll have to shell out a premium for the brand name. Additionally, there need to be more spots for all the prospective students, making it very challenging academically to get in. We will break this category into two sections, public and private schools.

Public Medical School Cost:

The government subsidizes public medical schools. Thus a prospective medical student will find public attendance costs much cheaper than their private school cohorts. With prestigious institutions, including UCLA, the University of Washington, and the University of Virginia, public medical schools produce some of the brightest doctors in the world. They do so at a better rate than private schools.

However, in-state vs. out-of-state medical school tuition is something to think about. Attending a Med School not in your state is much more expensive.

Public medical school in America has average tuition and fees is $37,611 per academic year. For in-state students and $61,916 for out-of-state residents. This comes out to $150,444 for in-state students throughout their education and $247,664 for out-of-state students.

Private Medical School Cost:

American private medical schools are some of the oldest and most respected medical institutions. They include the likes of John Hopkins, Duke, Yale, Emory, and Harvard. Although there is sometimes a difference between in-state and out-of-state costs, that difference is usually just a couple of thousand dollars.

Average private medical school costs come to $60,719 for in-state students and $62,289 for out-of-state students per academic year. Throughout education, this comes to an average of $242,876 for in-state residents and $249,156 for out-of-state students.


International med school is an excellent option for students looking for an adventure, a cheaper medical education, or fear they won’t get into American medical universities. There is a wide range so we will highlight costs across several countries, Canada, Israel, and Australia. There are other countries with reputable medical schools, too, such as the UK, Ireland, and India. Still, the further a student gets from those three countries, the less reliable the institutions can be.

Canadian Medical Schools

Canada, a country known for ice, grizzly bears, hockey, and awkwardly pleasant conversations, is quietly carving out a reputation in the medical school world too. Canada offers stellar medical universities like the University of Toronto, McMaster University, University of British Columbia, and McGill University at a much more affordable rate than their neighbor right down south. For an American Citizen, annual medical school tuition is $23,000, and for a Canadian resident: $13,000. This comes to $92,000 and $52,000 throughout medical education.

Israeli Medical Schools

Israel has been among the world’s leaders in medical discoveries and science for decades, so it’s not hard to believe that their medical universities are also some of the best on the planet. Top Israeli medical schools include Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Technion Israel Institute of Technology. An international student can expect to pay around $38,000 in medical school tuition and fees – $152,000. However, for those lucky enough to call Israel home, the medical school costs are only a fourteenth of that.

Australian Medical Schools

Australia has the most comparable prices to an American medical school, and it’s easy to see why with sterling offerings like the University of Melbourne, Australian National University Medical School (ANUMS), University of Queensland, and Monash University.

Australia also subsidizes medical school costs for Australian citizens (as does Ireland and the UK), making it incredibly inexpensive for Australian residents. However, that cost only applies to international students from the United States, making it one of the more expensive options for Americans. As a US resident, you can expect to pay around $47,000 per academic year and as much as $188,000 throughout the medical degree.

Caribbean Medical Schools

While technically still international, Caribbean medical schools deserve their section, becoming popular in the mid-1980s; they were founded specifically to give opportunities to potential medical students looking beyond the American shoreline for some reason or another.

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The Caribbean medical school arena is broad and diverse. There is a significant variation in price and quality from island to island and school to school. Start your search with the big five of St. George’s, SABA, American University School of Medicine Aruba (AUSOMA), Ross, and American University of Caribbean Medical School (AUOCMS). Those five are all accredited and recognized by American and International medical boards and rival American schools in the quality of education.

Beyond those, there is a wide range, and it’s essential to scope out acceptance rates, USMLE scores, and more. In terms of price, there is a range from $37,000 ($150,00 for the degree) to $70,000 ($3000,000). However, AUSOMA prides itself on affordability. A degree only costs $88,000, only $22,000 per year, making it easy to avoid student loan debt. To learn more about AUSOMA, click here.