AUSOMA is offering academic scholarship to students to help them succeed in the medical field. Those students who have an overall GPA of 3.6, will be eligible to apply.

Academic scholarships are available to those who meet AUSOMA criteria. Scholarships are awarded towards the tuition fees for the upcoming semester only. Students qualifying for these scholarships should refer to the admissions department for more information.

Scholarship Criteria

(Basic and Clinical Science ONLY)

Dean’ Scholarship

A scholarship given by our Dean based on merit. Only current students are eligible for this award. Students must earn a 3.6 gpa or higher to be considered.

AUSOMA Academic Scholarship

A scholarship awarded to incoming students. Students must have a 3.0 or higher cumulative gpa to qualify for this scholarship.

Payment Plan:

AUSOMA offers a monthly payment plan. Total tuition and fees are divided into four payments, which will be processed automatically to the credit card on file. Each semester will have a $250 processing fee.

Loan Provider:

AUSOMA uses Meritize to assist our students. Those interested may apply at

  • Meritize Loans Cover Tuition Only