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Published 2020

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Articles in Press / Under Review

  1. Raghavendra Rao M.V, Vijay K. Chennamchetty, Dilip Mathai, Mahendra Kumar Verma, Tiara Calvo Leon, Pamphil Igman, Surekha Bhat, Abrar A khan, Portrayal of Microbes in Respiratory Medicine manuscript submitted on June 18, 2020, Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology (UGC, MCI, PubMed, Google scholar, ICMR)
  2. Raghavendra Rao M.V, Abrar  A. khan,  Gil Apacible, Abigail Apacible, Pamphil Igman, Surekha Bhat, Are the pulmonary macrophages acting as key players in Pneumonia?
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 Book / Book Chapters


  1. Verma MK, Abrar Khan A., Tiara Calvo L., Rao Raghavendra MV; Viral Outbreaks and Global Pandemics; Cases in 21th century and human virus nexus; (Proposal Accepted; manuscript under preparation). (Book) LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.