Learn More About Our Student Experiences At AUSOMA

Learn More About Our Student Experiences At AUSOMA


At AUSOMA, we believe in catering to the whole student. Instead of focusing solely on academic success or solely on campus life, we create a well-rounded experience for each student we have the privilege of teaching. When you learn with us, your brain will be nurtured from all angles, and you’ll graduate with the knowledge, expertise, and life experience you need for a career as a doctor.


We’re able to provide such an alluring student experience partly because of our location. AUSOMA is located in Aruba, which is nicknamed “One Happy Island” for a good reason. When you’re here, you’ll notice a sense of togetherness not only with your fellow students and professors, but with the community as a whole. When in paradise, you’re sure to feel at home.

Class Sizes at AUSOMA


Beyond the environment in general, the environment within our learning centers holds just as much importance. After all, that sets the stage for how our students learn. When you’re in class at AUSOMA, the last thing you’ll have to worry about is getting lost in the crowd or being forgotten by your professors. We know that such a thing can happen at large universities – instead of a unique individual with a desire to learn, students become nothing but a number – a body filling a chair. That’s not how we operate.


Instead, at AUSOMA, you receive a personalized education that is encouraged by our small class sizes. You won’t see overflowing lecture halls. Instead, you’ll see modestly-sized classrooms where students can expect to receive the one-on-one attention that they need and deserve. We’ll never leave you stranded. When you need help, you’ll get it.


We understand that every student learns at their own pace, and we do everything we can to accommodate that fact.


It’s our goal for students to enjoy their time at AUSOMA, and that can’t happen if every day is a struggle. We’ll provide the resources that you need in order to reach your goals and get closer to becoming a licensed and certified MD.



You’ve heard a lot about how much students enjoy learning at AUSOMA – and our words are far from empty. Just take it from Arsalan Ismail, an MD5 student:


“Studying abroad was a dream come true for me,” he says. “It allowed me to connect with people who see the meaning of life differently from people in the USA, which is very important in becoming a strong physician. Academically, AUSOMA is like a gem. Individualized attention is only helpful if those around you help, so the intimate class sizes and personal attention you receive allows you to grow your academic abilities to their full potential.


Success is defined not just by where you end up, but how you took that path as well. I aspire to go into Psychiatry or Surgery. My experience at AUSOMA has by far been one of the highlights of my life.”


Mr. Ismail isn’t the only student who values the personalized education and small class sizes at AUSOMA. We also heard from Farah Raza, an MD4 student. Check out what she has to say:


“I always wanted to become a physician. I came to Aruba to visit my husband who was enrolled at AUSOMA, and I was convinced by the dean, Dr. Khan, to give medicine a chance even though I was applying to physician assistant programs. I took the open door and am so grateful to be pursuing my dream! The small class size allows for personal interaction with the professors,” she says. “They are always available and willing to help and answer any questions I or other students may have. My experience so far at AUSOMA has been incredible.”


As you can clearly see, AUSOMA supports aspiring physicians who are following their dreams. We are a team of MDs training future MDs and preparing them for a successful life in the medical field.


Hear from Zuhair Hasan, an MD5 student, about his aspirations for the future:


“I have always had the passion for information,” he says, “and the human body is so amazing. I could not pass up the chance to become a doctor.


My dream is to eventually be able to open up a clinic with my brother one day. I have thought about specializing in emergency medicine, radiology, or surgery.


AUSOMA has been amazing for me. With the small class sizes, I can get the one-on-one attention I am wanting. The personalized attention has helped keep me on track with not only reviewing the material but also mastering it before I take the Step 1.”

Choosing AUSOMA


At AUSOMA, we believe that medical school is for you, and we cater to each of our students individually. To learn more, schedule a one-on-one session with our admissions team today!