Achieve Your Dreams By Going To Medical School

Achieve Your Dreams By Going To Medical School – AUSOMA

At AUSOMA, we believe that medical school is for everyone. Located in the heart of Aruba, we can help you make your dreams of becoming a doctor come true on our happy island. 

With no MCAT required, AUSOMA simply asks for dedicated, accomplished students who are ready to face medical school head-on in a new environment. We accept transfer students as well as those coming straight out of high school, and our small class sizes allow us to personalize our education to each individual. Our esteemed professors understand that every student has a different learning style and pace, and they have the resources and time to dedicate one-on-one attention to each and every prospective physician. 

We believe that’s what you, as an aspiring doctor, deserve. At AUSOMA, we want to see you succeed. 

One Happy Island

As for our campus, you can’t find a better location than Aruba. With a gorgeous new campus building coming in 2023, AUSOMA is ready to welcome you to our friendly island. 

Aruba is quiet and safe with a warm community that values our institution. There are gorgeous beaches and stunning views for you to enjoy, offering the perfect backdrop for your medical education. Before you go off and change the world with your degree, let AUSOMA shape you into the doctor you were always meant to be – right here in Aruba. 

But Aruba isn’t just beautiful. It’s also accessible and accommodating. While you’re here, you’ll have easy access to international travel, medical care, shopping, and study locations. We want to make sure that you have everything you need in order to feel comfortable and succeed, which is why we’ve perfected this location for our students. In Aruba, at AUSOMA, you will never be left empty-handed, and there’s someone who’s willing to help you around every corner..

That mindset is only encouraged by the tight-knit community in Aruba. You’ll notice that, when you’re here, you become part of a unique family that you can’t find anywhere else. During your four or five years at AUSOMA, Aruba will feel like your home away from home. 

Medical school is rigorous and demanding – as it’s supposed to be. But after a long day of studying, this happy island is the perfect way to relax your mind. 

We have strong relationships with the local government, surrounding community, and healthcare system in Aruba, so you can rest assured that you will be supported in every facet of your life – educational and otherwise.

Meeting Your Goals And Exceeding Your Expectations

Academic success is important; there’s no doubt about that. We have what you need to make your dreams of becoming a doctor come true. But, in order for you to see such success, your physical and mental well-being should also take priority. 

We want you to enjoy your time in Aruba, putting in the work that will prepare you for the rest of your life. We can give you all the tools you need to meet your goals and achieve your dreams. 

At AUSOMA, you’ll find many opportunities to engage in student organizations and become involved by taking on leadership roles. Such opportunities will enhance your student experience and get you ready for your chosen career. 

We have spent years crafting our programs so they’ll suit you. No matter where you end up practicing, your education from AUSOMA is invaluable.

A Culture Of Open Doors

Our professors have over 50 years of experience combined, and they take pride in creating a culture of open doors at AUSOMA. They are available whenever they are needed, prepared to offer expert advice and guidance. 

At AUSOMA, you are never alone. Help, whether it’s related to your education, mental health, or another type of support, is never far away. 

Our staff provides realistic goals for students along with honest feedback and sound direction.Our main focus is making sure that you feel supported while moving through our program.

What It Takes To Apply

Applying to AUSOMA is simple and straightforward. Since we are a medical school meant for everyone, there are no needless complications surrounding this process. 

To apply, you’ll need to:

  • Complete the online application
  • Pay the application fee ($100, non-refundable)
  • Submit all relevant documents (transcript, LORs, resume/CV, personal statement) 
  • Be invited for an official interview with the Director of Admissions
  • Get your application reviewed by the Admissions Committee
  • Get an admissions decision
  • Pay a registration fee of $1,000 if you’re admitted
  • Contact the admissions team for how to improve if you’re denied 
  • Obtain a student visa and secure housing
  • Create a payment plan or apply for a loan
  • Attend orientation 
  • Register for classes

Achieve Your Dreams At AUSOMA

Your success is our priority. Make your dreams a reality by attending medical school at AUSOMA.