Student Experience

Students Experience at AUSOMA

At AUSOMA, our students’ success and well-being comes first! See what current students say about their AUSOMA experience. We invite you to begin your journey to becoming a Doctor.

Our student experience always comes first. At AUSOMA we are dedicated to promoting a kind, welcoming and engaging student experience that translates into the extraordinary work of our future doctors. Through studying abroad, our students gain the important and necessary knowledge and experience they need. Through intimate class size and personal attention, we meet all individual needs and promote growth. At AUSOMA we view success as a journey, one we will help you on every step of the way.

For those students who have spent their lives with the desire to become a physician, we have carefully crafted our programs to benefit our graduates wherever they may go. AUSOMA has created an environment of open doors, bountiful lessons and meeting life goals. Our professors combined have over 50 years of experience. They are always willing and able to help each and every student, and they have both the knowledge and desire to promote growth. Our professors are available 24/7, and they want you to succeed. We believe in proper goals, proper direction, and honesty. We are certain you, and every student with you, will both enjoy your experience and your education here at AUSOMA.

The culture, food and environment of Aruba adds to the amazing experience. It’s a beautiful environment to grow in, and we can’t wait to have you.