Immigration Process

Documents are required before arrival & Take 4-6 Weeks to Process


  • Full copy of the passport (including all blank pages and cover)
  • 6 passport size photographs 3.5 X 4.5 cm (2 were sent with original application)
  • Original Birth Certificate with Apostille attached
  • All Apostilles must be attached to appropriate document and not older than 3 months

Note: Immigrations fees vary per nationality of each applicant. Students enter Aruba on a student visa approved by DIMAS (The Department of Policy, Access and Integration Aliens). DIMAS will issue Inflight Permissions once all documents are submitted. nbsp;


  • Medical clearance certificate issued by the physician approved by DINA in Aruba
  • Proof of the health or travel insurance in Aruba (Provided by the School)
  • Proof of Medical tests in Aruba (VDRL, Hepatitis, HIV test, Chest X-Ray)
  • Annual Student Visa Fee


The Apostille is certification of public (including notarized) documents to be used in another country. With this certification, documents are recognized by the Government of Aruba. The Apostille authenticates the signature and seal of the issuing public official or notary public. It does not authenticate the contents of the document. The Apostille is a single sheet of paper in a highly structured format bearing the state seal and is attached to your document.

Process for Citizens and Residents of all other countries

Documents need to be attested by the Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country.
Take the attested documents to the Dutch Consulate and they will Apostille (legalize) it for you.
Dutch Consulates in Canada:
Royal Netherlands Embassy
Consulate General Montreal
Consulate General Toronto