Welcome to the American University School of Medicine Aruba Academics Page

We are dedicated to providing our students with high-quality medical education here in the Caribbean Islands. Our programs are taught by skilled instructors who hold MDs and PhDs. Learn how to practice medicine on our Aruba campus from experts who know the industry.

Currently, we offer three programs: Basic Sciences (MD Program), Clinical Sciences (Clinical Rotations) and Pre-Med (Prepare for Med School). Click below to learn more about the medical education program you’re interested in taking at AUSOMA.


Clinical Sciences & Rotations program at AUSMA is designed to help you become licensed to practice medicine. Learn the art of patient care in the beautiful Caribbean Islands.

Basic Sciences

The AUSMA Basic Sciences Program curriculum provides a high-yield medical education related to pre-clinical courses in biomedical sciences. Learn clinical rotations in various specialties in this certified MD

Clinical Sciences

The AUSMA Clinical Services & Rotations Program curriculum is designed to help you with rotations and clinical placement in residency positions. Learn how to apply knowledge and skills in primary care