Medical students from different countries in the world opt to complete their clinical rotations, residency programs, or other specializations from abroad. However, the schools they choose should be accredited, have unique programs, and provide funding with a beautiful cultural experience. The American University School of Medicine (AUSOMA) is one of those FOREIGN MEDICAL SCHOOL where you can find all these qualities in one place.

University Resources and Accreditation


The environment at the American University School of Medicine (AUSOMA) promotes wellness, collaboration, Accreditation and community. You will get a chance to work with local medical school faculty and peers in concentrated study of medical sciences. AUSOMA’s curriculum will give you mastery over medical concepts that you can use in practical work as well as to diagnose and treat patients. For that reason, clinical exposure increases every semester to provide you with the skills as a medical practitioner. Students also enjoy access to high-tech resources that are hard to find in their home countries. AUSOMA is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education in Aruba and is in the process of obtaining CAAM-HP accreditation.

Unique Elective

Unique electives for medical students

AUSOMA requires you to complete 4-12 weeks of elective rotations of your choice in ACGME-approved hospitals in the US. The elective gives exposure and understanding of improved patient care and learning that takes place through the exchange of practice and ideas in different states. The students go to universities that AUSOMA has clinical affiliations with, meeting their eligibility requirements. Students learn about new environments, diseases, and health practices which adds an invaluable experience to their profile.

Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities For FOREIGN MEDICAL SCHOOLS

When applying for a foreign medical school, scholarships and funding opportunities impact your decision. Nevertheless, a medical degree is a big investment compared to other fields. If you are eligible with a 3.6 CGPA, you attain a scholarship on tuition fees as an incoming student at AUSOMA. Interestingly, the virtual information session on the school’s application process is available.

Beauty and Culture

Beauty and culture of foreign medical school

Moreover, the island of Aruba, where AUSOMA is situated, has breathtaking views around. When you feel stressed and need time off from your studies, relaxing in the warm waters of the white-sand beaches can become your favorite option. All water-sport activities, local markets, and other facilities are available on the island which can make the time at AUSOMA quite rejuvenating For FOREIGN MEDICAL SCHOOL. Spending time there also gives an opportunity to interact with the Aruban culture and people.

The admissions happen on a rolling basis, three times around the year, September, January, and May. This gives students the flexibility to apply at the right time, which is not an option available at schools in US or Canada. Moreover, students who are unable to make it in one round can also apply for the next term. This helps keep the motivation and determination of students strong and hard work at its peak.

When it comes to universities in Aruba, the American University School of Medicine Aruba (AUSOMA) is a key player in the Caribbean. AUSOMA offers a degree on the affordability of the students where they don’t have to take heavy loans. You get the same quality education at a significantly lower cost which enhances your medical school experience. The admission requirements are also less restrictive which has made graduates from the school excellent leaders and practitioners in the field. AUSOMA is known for providing a diverse cultural experience in a foreign setting. The students can complete their clinical rotations in different places like Orlando, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and others.


Even though medical schools in the US and Canada are widely known, students should not limit themselves to the stringent criteria of the institutions there and keep their options open. It is because graduates from both the US and Caribbean medical schools are working in the best hospitals around the world. Despite the Caribbean medical schools such as AUSOMA are good options For FOREIGN MEDICAL SCHOOL , it does not mean anybody who applies there gets admission easily. The admission committee filters out students who are not ready to put in the hard work and commitment that medical schooling demands. They look for the potential to succeed with determination and drive and whether you can stand out from others in that capacity.