Practicing medicine in Aruba: 3 basics to get you started

Whether you have been studying medicine in Aruba all along or visited it only once on vacation, the charm of this dreamy Caribbean island makes you want to stay back forever. And while job, family, or other responsibilities call many back to their hometowns, some decide to practice medicine in Aruba and make this gorgeous island their new home.

Starting a medical practice in Aruba – What will you need?

With the sounds of the sea, the taste of its delicious cuisines and the friendliness of the locals pulling at their heart strings, some medical students decide to pursue their career in Aruba after becoming a doctor.

But how do you get started on setting up your medical practice in a new place? Here are three basic things one needs to secure first before practice medicine in Aruba.

1. Obtain a work permit that enables you to practice legally

Before you can start taking in your own patients or advertising about your medical practice in Aruba, you need permission from the governing body to do so. This means applying for a work permit that recognizes you as a doctor and allows you to practice on this island. It is advised that you complete this necessary paperwork before you move permanently to the island, just to make sure that you will not be making all this effort for something that is not for certain.


To obtain a work permit that allows you to practice medicine in Aruba, you must first register yourself as a qualified doctor in the DVG health department. With this done, the hospital you will be working at can then request for the permit from the governing body incharge of issuing them (DIMAS). When you have received the work permit, you can then register at the Population Register (CENSO) and for national health insurance (ACV) to enjoy Aruba’s generous health benefits.

2. Seek suitable accommodation for medical students and doctors

If you have been enrolled at one of Aruba’s prestigious medical universities (such as AUSOMA), you might already have some suitable accommodation under your belt. In this case, you have the opportunity to choose between continuing to live where you have been staying thus far, or look for a new home to call your own. However, if you are moving to Aruba for the first time after becoming a doctor, you cannot escape from the house hunting.

Fortunately, Aruba is incredibly welcoming to new doctors and has plenty of options when it comes to accommodation. This is a big reason why so many fresh medical graduates from all over the world are now looking to practice medicine in Aruba. You can easily find very nice houses for medical professionals near Aruba’s central hospital on the northern side. Homes here are quite picturesque and also have the added advantage of being close to the workplace. But these places can be a little pricey, and if you are on a budget, you will prefer east Aruba over them.

On the eastern side, there are a lot of good options for affordable yet decent housing. From fully developed family houses to bachelor pads, studio apartments, dorms, and medical student accommodations – this side has something for everyone.

3. Arrange means to get around the island

Finally, you will need means to get from one place to another when you decide to set up home in a new region. Though Aruba is small and has public transport, it is advised that professionals invest into their own private cars as well if they can afford it.

This is because the public buses can get quite crowded with medical students and locals, and do not always run on time. Furthermore, their network is limited to the major areas of the island, and you cannot go wherever you want whenever you want. Having your own car in Aruba resolves these issues and ensures that you live a stress-free life.

If, for some reason, you do not want to invest into a car of your own yet want to enjoy the freedom that comes with it, you can also choose to rent one from the renting agency For Practice medicine in Aruba.

Wrapping it up

If the magic of Aruba is calling out to you, answer that call with open arms and set up your practice medicine in this dreamy Caribbean island. On this beautiful piece of heaven, the future is bright for medical students and doctors. With its tempting lifestyle and wonderful community, more and more people are now moving to Aruba after becoming a doctor.