9 Practical Gifts That Every Med Student Will Love

Gift giving is an art that eludes many. Especially when you are buying something for a close loved one, your mind may be stumped trying to think of a unique present that you haven’t already gifted them. What is a gift that is as useful and practical as it is interesting? Well, if the loved one you’re buying the gift for is an aspiring doctor, we are here to solve your problem.

Here are nine wonderful gifts for med students that the receiver is bound to love and appreciate. Whether the lucky medical student you know has just gotten into med school or is close to graduating, these are gifts they can actually find use for instead of simply regifting to others or throwing away.

1. There is no better gift for med students than a portable coffee machine

You already know that med school routine is incredibly tiring. Between the early morning classes and late night calls at the hospital, med students can barely keep standing on their feet. Give your beloved medical student a helping hand with a cute portable coffee machine. Hopefully, the much-needed daily caffeine dose will help them keep their eyes open during long lectures.

2. Stationary supplies are forever useful for medical students

If there is one thing that a med student is always in need of, its new pens and sticky notes. With so much information to note down and retain, medical students run through stationary supplies like Usain Bolt. By gifting them some pretty highlighters, pens, and notebooks, you will save them the hassle of making the trip to the local shop each time they run out.

While stationary items are a great gift for med students on their own, you can even make them more personal and thoughtful. A customized luxury pen or a subscription box of stationary supplies so they never run out of them is sure to make your favorite med student excited about taking down notes in class.

3. A nifty organizer folder is the perfect low budget gift idea for medical students

With all the notes that your favorite med students will be making, things can get a little haphazard and out of hand. Help them keep their important documents in place by getting them a snazzy folder. A beautiful, leather-skin organizer with multiple compartments is just the thing to get for a medical student with tons of loose papers to take care of.

4. A med student can never have too many scrub sets

If the medical student in your life is a rising M3 or higher, they will absolutely love a scrub set. This is the go-to uniform for any doctor or medical student who has reached their clinical years, so you can never have too many of these. A scrub set for your favorite med student will give them another day in between washing clothes. And when you are training to save lives, who even has the time to do laundry every day?!

For extra points, opt for a comfortable yet stylish design. Make sure that there are lots of pockets to carry all the little gadgets that doctors need on their ward rounds. You can even get their name embroidered on the chest to add more oomph to your gift.

5. A great pair of shoes as a medical student gift is as thoughtful as it gets

Med students are on their feet all day in the hospital. Running from one bed to another to keep a check on the patients, it’s no wonder that many of us suffer from swollen feet at the end of the day. Show your beloved med students that you care about them with a thoughtful gift of comfortable shoes.

Trust us, the right pair of shoes will move any med student to tears. Footwear that is lightweight, padded, and offers great ventilation is hard to come by. So if you happen to find a pair that fits the description, do not hesitate in getting an extra for your favorite medical student. 

6. Something as simple as a pen light will make a med student jump with joy

Another easy, economical, and yet super practical gift idea for med students is a trusty pen light. Though it may seem small, a pen light is something every med student needs but seldom gets around to buying. This gift can make assessing pupil size and taking vitals a breeze.

A gift as small as this one has the power to let your favorite med student know how much you love them. It tells them that you are constantly thinking of them, and will be there for them in all the small and big ways that you can.

7. Dissection kits make for fantastic gifts for med students

If the med student you are buying the gift for has just gotten into med school, you best believe that they will be spending a big part of their day with cadavers learning anatomy. While dissection kits are available in labs, they are almost always occupied and there’s a long wait to borrow them. Make your favorite med student’s life easier by buying them their own dissection kit.

8. For the aspiring surgeon, a suture practice kit is a must

When talking of dissection kits, you cannot ignore suture practice kits either. These are best bought for M3s and higher, though there is no harm for an M1 to get an early start at suturing either. With this lifelike kit that simulates human tissue, your dearest med student will be well on their way to becoming the surgeon of their dreams.

9. If you are feeling generous, treat them with the latest Littmann

And lastly, the most obvious – yet the most practical – gift for all. Medical school is almost synonymous with stethoscopes, you cannot think of one without thinking of the other. So why not treat your number one med student with the best of all stethoscopes out there?!


Though a Littmann stethoscope can be quite pricey, it is by far the best thing anyone can get for an aspiring doctor. With a present like that, you can be rest assured that your gift will be highly valued and cherished for years to come.

Wrapping it up

So, there you have it! Nine unique gift ideas for the future doctor in your life. Ranging from low-key, affordable presents like a folder or stationary to expensive, luxury items such as a Littmann, this gift guide has something for every occasion in a medical student’s journey to becoming a healthcare professional.