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5 Year MD Program – AUSOMA

At AUSOMA, we create confident, successful, and esteemed physicians. If you’re interested in becoming a leader in your field, we are the medical school for you.

Our students put in the work and enjoy a welcoming, engaging environment. With class sizes small enough to accommodate one-on-one attention, our students thrive in paradise while experiencing our intensive curriculum.

Accepting GPAs of 3.0 and higher, you do not need an MCAT score to apply to AUSOMA. We are a medical school for everyone.

Our 5-Year Program

If you’re certain that you would like to pursue a career in medicine, our 5-year program is the perfect fit for you. As a high school graduate with notable scholastic achievements, you can be accepted into this program and, from there, enter residency, graduate, and start your career practicing medicine – all by the age of 26.

Once you complete the 5-year program, you’ll be a qualified candidate for medical licensure.

This program consists of four accelerated semesters of pre-med studies, and the initial stages of the program will prepare medical students for preclinical studies. From there, the rest of the program will follow the curriculum of AUSOMA’s highly-regarded 4-year program.
What You’ll Need

To apply to the 5-year program at AUSOMA, you’ll need:

  • An official high school transcript and diploma

If you have completed your bachelor’s or master’s degree and are missing pre-med science courses, you are also eligible to apply for the 5-year pre-med MD program. Upon review, your credits may be permitted to be transferred.

Life at AUSOMA

At AUSOMA, we nurture the whole student. We believe that, while academic achievements are very important, a well-rounded student values research, clinical experience, volunteership, and has an overall dedication towards helping people. We believe in instilling these values in not only our curriculum but in everyday life on our tropical island, placing emphasis on the care and well-being of your future patients. It’s our goal to create a future for the medical field that is inclusive, kind, and empathetic and, in order to do that, we must start with the physicians of tomorrow – you.

In order to create a warm, welcoming, and engaging medical field, we’ve fostered the same environment for our campus. When you study in Aruba, you gain the knowledge that you need to succeed as a practicing MD, along with the sense of independence that comes with learning brand new information in a brand new location.

Thanks to our small class sizes, it’s easy to get the one-on-one attention that you deserve from educators at AUSOMA. We cater to all different types of learning styles, letting our students know that there’s always a way for them to thrive on our island. Our educators care about each and every student that they teach, believing that each prospective physician has the right to be taught in a respectful, tailored, and thoughtful manner.

We promote growth and make sure all of your needs are met at AUSOMA. We view success as the journey instead of the goal, and we plan on guiding you along that journey with expert advice and education you can’t get anywhere else.

Our educators operate an open-door policy, available on a 24/7 basis. They are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of students and providing the opportunity to learn what it takes to become a practicing physician.

We want to see you succeed. With all of these resources on your side, AUSOMA sets you up to do just that.


In November 2011, AUSOMA was chartered, and we officially opened our doors in September 2018. As of 2022, we are recognized by the Aruba Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Education Commission on Foreign Medical Graduates, Medical Council of Canada, and Medical Council of India.

We are also recognized by the World Directory of Medical Schools, which we are proud to say speaks to the caliber of our program. The World Directory of Medical Schools is required in order to be eligible for the USMLE.

After graduating from AUSOMA, you will be eligible for licensures in many different countries located around the world.


The USMLE provides a common evaluation system for applicants regarding medical licensure.

  • Step 1 of USMLE must be passed before entering clinical rotations.
  • Step 2 of USMLE must be taken during clinical rotations.
  • Step 3 of USMLE can be taken during residency.

Choosing AUSOMA’s 5-Year Program

AUSOMA is dedicated to shaping and molding future physicians who are critical thinkers, competent learners, and passionate about their career. Our hands-on approach to practicing medicine combined with the small class sizes we offer means that our students receive a hand-crafted, personalized education that the medical field will benefit from.

To learn more about our 5-year program or AUSOMA in general, reach out to us today.