The Spring 2022 semester will be on campus in Aruba.

About Us

American University School of Medicine Aruba

The American University School of Medicine in Aruba has been Charted by the Ministry of Health in Aruba since 2011. Our goal is to help students and families achieve the dream of becoming a medical doctor. Whether your goal is to practice in the US, UK, Middle East, or your home country, our team helps throughout the process.


  • To offer an economically viable medical education program that develops leaders in their fields.
  • Maintain highest standards of academics in our curriculum, technology, and facilities.
  • lifetime relationships, mentors, and a community for the path of a medical career.

Not just to be a doctor, but to make a difference.


To develop culturally diverse individuals into compassionate physicians and leaders in their respective medical fields without the life-long crippling debt.

We Have A Friendly & Happy School for You

Provides high quality Medical Education with cutting edge technology and student-friendly learning environment. 

Providing educational curriculum to meet the demands of a changing market with ever increasing competitiveness. 

Sharpening interpersonal clinical oriented communication skills of the students. 

Emphasizing on both interdependence and independence, encouraging overall integration of pieces of knowledge into one. 

To ensure that the problems of the patients can be dealt with and solved in an efficient manner. 

Provide high quality education and an exemplary learning environment in a safe and secure campus.